Byblos is a globally leading funds management business based in Lebanon and in Istanbul, turkey.

Set up by Economic Experts Group in 2008, Byblos has gone from strength to strength and it now services thousands of clients worldwide.

Originally a currency broker, Byblos has moved into funds management after a gap in the market was identified whereby traders struggled to consistently achieve the high yield returns the markets can offer.

Byblos portfolios were originally offered to traders. However, over recent time, the investment opportunities available have been opened up to a much wider audience.

Byblos trading professionals has decades of combined experience and has achieved significant success. It is this know-how and expertise that allows us to provide a fully licensed and regulated managed trading investment service.

Byblos is continually evolving as we look to identify further strategic partners. We are now talking to traders, investors, superannuation funds, financial advisors and individuals who are looking at improving the returns they are currently getting from their bank investments or from the trading they are doing themselves.