Our flagship investment vehicle is the recently launched Byblos Strategy.  This is more than a collection of trading algorithms which never sleep.

Byblos Funds Management team utilizes extensive market experience as Inter-bank desk Traders, Risk Managers and Market Analysts, to generate the best possible return for your investment. To ensure Byblos Strategy will always be performing at its best, the team will always strive to research advancements and improvements with our methodology, and create viable opportunities in ever-changing market conditions.

Excitingly, the team will be evaluating new assets to trade. As well as the standard foreign exchange contracts, we will also be looking for opportunities in commodities, global equity indices, and cryptocurrency crosses. The team recognize that diversifying the strategy in this way will allow even greater returns for the same level of risk without an increase in leverage. As the strategy is proven in FX, the team will develop new signals for those assets.

You will be allocated a dedicated and trustworthy Account Manager who will be able to discuss the results with you, and happy to aid you during your time with us. You can request to review your investment, and they will be keeping you informed of any exciting changes to Byblos, or the trading strategies.


Once you are satisfied that our Byblos Strategy is aligned with your own risk appetite and personal objectives you will then need to open an account by completing this application form here.

After investing an amount of your choice (minimum deposit applies) our highly skilled professionals place trades on your behalf using the currency market.

All monies deposited remain in your name and only you can withdraw them.

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Safety – your funds are held in a segregated account in your name in a brokerage firm which you have chosen

Security – withdrawals and deposits can only be made by you alone.

Carefully risk managed with low leverage.

Proven track record.

Profits available in both rising and falling markets.

Transparency – monitor your investment on any device.

Blending technical and fundamental provides the edge.